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2019: A Year of Change!

Helllooooo 2019! Wait, do you realize that in a year it will be 2020? How weird does that sound? Was 1998 not just a few years ago?

Shew! 2018 was full of so many happy memories, but man, it was also really tough. I will maybe explore that in a blog post at some point, but just not quite ready yet. Over the past few months, I've been inspired and wanted the New Year to truly represent change for me. I've thought of 5 major goals that I've set for myself and anxious to read this post in a year and see what happens. I'm keeping in mind something Rachel Hollis wrote in her book, Girl Wash Your Face, about keeping promises. She reminds me that one of the most important promises I make are the ones I make to myself.

I promise to exercise today.

I promise to stop drinking sugary drinks.

I promise to take my makeup off every night.

How often do we break these small promises and how can we expect to keep the big ones?! This has got to be the year that I don't break promises. I don't break them for others, so I can't break them for me!

Goal One

Find Financial Freedom

I am in debt. Steven and I both have student loans. I have a car loan. I could go on. I feel like most millennials are in this boat. Now listen...I don't think it's realistic that ALL of our debt will be taken care of this year because it would be physically impossible. However, saving and planning is 100% possible and tackling small goals is 100% possible. On January 2nd, I was up late at night thinking about my goals for the year. I knew that finances were at the top of the list. I consider myself a saver - I feel uneasy if I don't have "enough" set aside as a cushion. I also have credit cards. My credit card debt is not astronomical, but it needs to go away. So, without letting myself think about it too much...I took enough out of my savings and paid off 1 of my 3 credit cards. The next day, I called and cancelled it! Even though this was a small amount, it was this huge weight off my shoulders. And this was on the second day of 2019. My goal is to save, be financially smart, and feel comfortable with our finances!

Goal Two

Find Balance With My Body

Now I know, I know...I can feel the eye rolls with this one. Trust me, I'm right there with you. I think having healthy intentions can be so misconstrued in the media. I don't have a weight loss goal, I don't plan on quitting my love for dessert, and you certainly won't catch me doing any "cleanses." My intention is to find balance and be a more healthy version of myself. I want to push myself to exercise more. I want to choose healthier options when I eat. I just want to choose what's truly best for my body. Again, I'm still gonna eat chocolate and enjoy a glass of wine every now and then...all with a little balance of course.

Goal Three

Cook More at Home

This ties into my first 2 goals, but by finding balance with my health and being smarter with finances, I also want to cook the majority of my meals at home. Steven and I have fallen into a very bad habit of eating out wayyyyyyy too much! We spend so much money on food. It's scary! So, last week I started planning meals for every single day and posting it on our fridge. Because we love going to restaurants and it's "our thing," we are going to pick 2 times each week to still go out. For example, this week we went out to dinner Friday night and we're going to go to brunch on Sunday. Otherwise, every meal is prepped/cooked at home. So expect lots of recipes shared with you soon!

Goal Four

Grow My Blog

This one is what I'm most excited about! I really want to focus in on my blog, the posts I'm writing, and making content that excites me! I absolutely love blogging and I am excited to take you guys along on this journey. I have a ton of ideas for 2019 and I hope you all are excited, too.

Goal Five

Make More Friends

Does this sound silly? I think it's so hard as adult women to make friends. Most of my peers are men and I work 50+ hours a week. Where do I meet people? Please tell me I'm not the only one in this same boat? Anyways, I have some pretty incredible friends, but not many here in Knoxville, so I'm excited to make more here in town and push myself out of my comfort zone.

2019 is going to be a great year. I can't wait to look back on these goals and see what I accomplish, but also see what I did that I didn't even intend for myself.

What are your intentions for 2019? I'd love to know!




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