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Every Day glam makeup

Hello friends, welcome back! Today, I wanted to share my favorite way to get a "glam" makeup look using mostly drugstore products. This is quick, easy, and fool-proof. If you would like video instruction to go along with this post, simply go to my Instagram and watch my story highlights titled "Makeup."

To start, I always moisturize with either THIS spray or THIS moisturizer. My skin tends to always be dry, so this is essential in my routine. I still haven't found a primer that works for me, but I think both of these options do the trick.

Next, I apply THIS foundation all over my face in small dots and blend it out with THIS sponge. This is the most affordable foundation I've ever used and it is beautiful. I wouldn't say that it is my all time favorite, but for the price, it's amazing! After my foundation is blended evenly, I apply THIS concealer (my holy grail!) under my eyes in a triangle shape to make my face brighter. I blend it out with the same sponge. After my concealer is blended, I use my sponge to dip into THIS powder and pack it under my eyes. This is known as "baking." Your body heat is essentially baking the product onto your face for creaseless, flawless under-eyes. Let this sit while you prime your eyes with THIS and then dust away with your favorite brush (I prefer THIS one.) Now your base (the most important part in my opinion) is done!

Next step: brows and eyes! My favorite brow product of all time is THIS powder in dark brown. It comes with two shades you can mix and blend for a natural, yet bold brow. I use THIS brush to apply it. This next product is new to me (you can see me try it for the first time on my Instagram stories.) THIS product is a brow mascara that is super affordable and holds your brows in place while also adding a hint of color. So far, I really like it!

After your brows are good to go, you can begin adding eye shadow and liner. These are steps I don't do on a daily basis, but when I'm going more "glam" I'll do both. I use THIS eye shadow palette - it is worth every penny. I pack the lightest shade in "Beam" all over my lid, inner corner, and brow bone. I take the shade "MFEO" and blend that into my crease with THIS brush and then drag it under my lower lash line with THIS brush.

THIS eyeliner I used is also a new find, but so far it works beautifully. I don't use eyeliner often because it's a hassle to me and can be tricky. However, this one is really easy to use and very black. I also really like the brush that comes with it! I placed the liner as close to my lashline as possible and then applied it under my lashes to the waterline. This give your lashes a full affect!

To finish up the face, I apply THIS bronzer down my neck and around the frame of my face with a fluffy brush to add definition and warmth. It smells like coconuts and is great for my paler skin! When I'm trying to go for "glam" I will sometimes take the time to contour. When I do, I use THIS palette and only use the lightest contour powder. I use it to chisel out my cheekbones and down the side of my nose for more definition.

THIS blush is my other new drugstore find that I'm loving. I used the shade "Romantic Rose." It is very matte and the perfect dusty pink. My all time favorite drugstore highlighter is THIS one. It is stunning and sooo pigmented! I apply it with a small stippling brush on the tops of my cheekbones, the bridge of my nose, and my cupid's bow.

These two products are probably my favorite! THIS mascara is the best of all time. It lasts all day without smudging, is build-able, lengthening, and voluminous. If you like drama, it's the mascara for you!

THIS lip product is my new favorite. I struggle finding colors that work for me, but this new line of chocolate flavored liquid lips are to die for. I already love this line and own several other shades, but this one seems to be the best for every day and works with so many different looks/outfits! The shade is "Candy Man."

I hope that you all try some of these products and end up loving them like I do! All in all, every product is worth the money - I think I only used 2 products that weren't drugstore!

Do you all like makeup posts like these? Let me know so I can do more!

Until next time, I hope y'all have a wonderful week!

xo, Mara

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