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Five Lessons

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Hey friends! I'm super excited to announce the beginning of a series here on The Velvet Dwelling - Girl Talk. This series is going to highlight important issues with women, society, work, and life. I have sooo many exciting posts planned with some very special guests. It's going to be good!

To kick off the series, I want to open up a little more to my readers and give you all a look into my life. My biggest goal is the be 100% authentic 100% of the time. If you ask a friend or family member about me, they will tell you that I cannot, and I mean I truly just CAN'T, be fake to people. I wear my thoughts on my face and tend to say it all with one expression. This isn't always the best thing because I know that that can come across the wrong way. This is all to say that what I give you, is exactly how it is.

Throughout my life, I've learned some valuable lessons. Haven't we all? It seems like these lessons range from minor to major to everything in between. However, I think each lesson I've learned as impacted my life and has changed how I approach each day.


Be Spontaneous

Whew, this is a hard one for me! I am a total homebody that loves to cuddle up on the couch and watch TV. However, I've learned that in order to live my life to the fullest, be happy, and create memories...I MUST be more spontaneous. Now, spontaneity doesn't mean that I have to go sky diving on a random Tuesday afternoon. It can be as simple as: calling a friend you haven't talked to in awhile, cooking dinner for your partner or friend, go for a walk, go see a movie, take yourself out to dinner, or rearrange your furniture.


Choose To Be Happy

Okay y'all, here's where it gets real! I have struggled with depression and anxiety my entire life. Honestly, since I can remember, I can think of moments where I get in ruts of pure sadness and anxiety. It hit an all-time low in middle school and lasted a really, really long time. Then again in college. Those two times in my life were by far some of the hardest. So many of us struggle with some form of depression/anxiety. We all have different struggles, habits, and breaking points. For me, I struggle (and still do!) with social anxiety. Sometimes the thought of walking into a room full of people breaks me out in a sweat and I can't wrap my head around my own thoughts. Over the years, I've taken medicine, seen a therapist, all of the above. However, I've realized that I have the biggest impact on my own emotional health. Each morning when I wake up, I have to choose to be happy. Each day when I spill my coffee and there's lots of traffic, I've still got to choose to be happy. Let's be real, do I do this every day? Nope, I'm human. But, keeping this reminder in the back of my head is key for me.


Always Be Nice

If I had a dollar for every memory from my life where someone wasn't nice to me, I would be RICH. Wouldn't we all?! I may be a little more because I've worked in retail for 8 years (LOL.) All jokes aside, I can clearly remember the moments that people chose to be mean or chose to be cruel to me. Those people probably don't even remember those moments, but man, I do! I bet as you're reading this, you're thinking of those moments, too. It stings. But, I was thinking about how I've probably caused this kind of memory for someone else. That felt even worse. Choosing to be KIND each day, even when it's hard, is the biggest lesson I've learned, E V E R. When you think about it, it's actually a lot easier to be nice than it is to be mean. When I chose to be mean, hateful, etc. it takes a lot of energy and then in turn, makes me mad. Why would we do that to ourselves?!



Well y'all, here I am! Blogging, writing, style, beauty, talking with you...I LOVE doing this. I could do this 24/7 and not get tired of it. I also love working with people. I love leading. I love staying in tune with new trends and constantly finding new things to try. When you're doing something you love, you are so so so much happier. You may or may not know that I use to have a blog for a few years before TVD. I threw in the towel, couldn't handle "not feeling good enough," and just straight up gave up. Then I fell into a rut where I had no way to express myself, I longed for a creative outlet, and I finally stopped feeling sorry for myself and here we are! It's not about followers, it's not about money, it's not about what other people think. Do what YOU love.



I am terrible at wishing my days away. I think "OMG I can't wait for next week because of this event!" But, when I do this constantly, I find myself not enjoying the days as they come and taking advantage of the present moments. This isn't to say that we can't look forward to exciting things, but I catch myself living a very very very mundane and half-ass life when I don't enjoy the moment. As cliche as it may sound, you never know when your last moment is! You always never know when the people you love are going to leave you. ENJOY those moments! Unplug, take a step back, and soak up your life.

Now that y'all know more about me, drop your biggest lesson in the comments! Are you excited about this new series?! If you have any specific topics you'd like me to cover, please let me know.

I hope y'all have a happy Wednesay!




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