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My Bridesmaids Dresses

I asked, and you answered! Today, all of you wanted to see a new wedding post. One of the most asked questions about my wedding has been about my bridesmaid's dresses and how each of them picked out their own unique gown. I want to give you all a look at each dress, where they found them, and why that dress was perfect for them! Grab a coffee or cocktail and let's get started!

From left to right: Sarah, Carlee, Alexa, Whitney, Me, Lily, Sinclair, Susanne, Keribeth

Look at those gorgeous gals! When I started thinking about what I wanted my favorite girls to wear, I wanted to make sure that each of them felt comfortable and also didn't have to spend tons of money. I had already decided on a fairly neutral color scheme and thought that it would be perfect for each girl to have a choice in what they wore. My colors for the wedding were muted pinks and blues, gold, and lots of greenery. To make the whole process easier, I gave each girl a color and then asked them to choose their dress in that color. For example, I asked Sarah, Alexa, and Keribeth to choose a blue dress. I found color swatches online and sent them to the girls so they each had a general idea of the color family I had in mind. The final 3 "colors" that I assigned were dusty blue, blush, and gold.

Gold Dresses

Sinclair and Susanne were both given the color gold. Sinclair has such a fun, outgoing, and bubbly personality and I knew gold would shine just like here! Susanne is a classic, blonde beauty and I knew gold would highlight her beautiful features. Sinclair's dress is sparkly, form-fitting and captures her fun spirit. Susanne's dress has a classic cut, beautiful neckline details, and a subtle sparkle perfect for NYE. The simple elegance shows who Susanne is!

Blush Dresses

Lily, Whitney, and Carlee were given the color blush. Lily was 11 at the time of the wedding, so the pink highlighted her youthful spirit and also looked amazing on her beautiful olive skin. This age-appropriate dress was perfect for her. Whitney (my Maid of Honor) has a very classic, girly style and this girl loves pink, so there was no denying that this was her color. She wanted a dress she could move around in and accessorize and use again in the future! Carlee has the best closet. Every outfit she wears, I want. I knew she was going to find a beautiful dress that fit her classic, yet boho style. Her dress was a darker blush, which was the perfect contrast and it had metallic gold throughout the fabric - perfect!

Blue Dresses

Keribeth, Alexa, and Sarah were all given the color "dusty blue." Keribeth hates pink, loves blue so this just made sense. Also, she has the most beautiful blue eyes that I knew would pop with this color. Her dress had a classic cut and a beautiful open back that showed off her tall figure. Alexa also has piercing blue eyes that I knew would absolutely shine in a dress this color. Her lace dress perfectly captured her bohemian, effortless style that I envy. Sarah is young, athletic, and this color just looks stunning on her. This is a dress she can wear to events in the future and change up.

I love each of these girls SO MUCH! Each of them has a such a unique, incredible personality. I love that each dress captures who they are, their own personal style, and allowed them to be comfortable and feel confident. If you're getting married and thinking about allowing your bridesmaids to choose their own dresses, I say do it! I loved seeing all of the dress come together on the big day and give them each the freedom to choose what they like.

Remember: choose 2-3 colors, assign those colors, choose a length, and you're good to go! Ask your girls to send you a picture before they order if you want to be sure everything works together.

What wedding post do y'all want to see next?!




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