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My Hair Care Routine

Hey friends! My hair has been quite the struggle the last few years. I was born with tight ringlet curls, that turned straight in the 1st grade, went back to being curly after puberty, and now I'm got wavy hair. Along that journey, my super thick hair started to thin out in college due to stress and life, and now I'm learning how to take better care of my mane with the right products. So today, I want to share my current routine for taking care of my hair and tell you about some products that have totally changed the game for me.

First, I've started using THIS scalp mask from Kristin Ess. She makes my favorite affordable products. You can find her full line at Target. If you haven't already tried anything from her line, you should!

Next, is the step that has changed the game for me. THIS shampoo and THIS conditioner (I talked about them in the things I'm loving post, too) have completely changed my hair for the better. After I cut about a foot off my hair - yep you read that right - I wanted to make sure I kept my hair as healthy as possible. I did a lot of research and ultimately chose to go with this combo. I wash my hair 1-2 times a week and every single time I do, I still can't believe how soft and healthy my hair feels! In the shower, I always brush through my hair with a wide tooth comb, like THIS one, to make sure that there isn't a ton of product build up and to get out every last tangle.

After I shower, I use THIS heat protection spray/leave in conditioner and THIS hair oil. I like using a heat protectant while my hair is still wet so that I can use a dryer and it doesn't leave a weird film on my hair.

I always brush out my hair with a Wet Brush because it is simply the best. I tend to always let my hair air dry, but if I decide to blow dry it, I add in THIS thickening cream to help add texture to my hair. I also like to use a ceramic brush like THIS to add volume to my roots and get that "blow out" affect. This is only if I'm not feeling lazy, lol.

Once my hair is dry, I section it out and will style. I like to use T3 heating tools (yes, they are worth the hype!) I use the straightener and the curling iron. I like to use both to achieve different types of curls. If I want more volume and something more "put together," I use the traditional iron. If I want more beachy waves and an undone look, I create waves with my flat iron.

After I style my hair, I normally run my fingers through my hair to loosen it up and undo any tight curls. If I need to, I'll give a light mist of hairspray. I've been using THIS Kristin Ess one lately and loving it. If I want to add some extra volume, I'll section out my hair and add a bit of THIS to the roots. Warning - a little goes a long way and if you don't hold it far enough away, it can make your hair feel crunchy. It takes some learning. But, it's cool because you can adjust the amount of volume you want by turning the nozzle.

During the summer, I also enjoy wearing my hair natural and not adding any heat. When I do, I use THIS wave spray that helps my natural curls come to life and makes them look extra beachy. I've tried every product you can think of for curls/waves and it's definitely my favorite.

Like I mentioned earlier, I only wash my hair 1-2 times a week. I find that it works better for my hair, keeps it healthier, and it's a lot less work. I have a few dry shampoos that I think work best. THIS one is my all time favorite, but it's definitely a splurge. I tend to buy the travel size and use it sparingly on days where my hair has extra oil. THIS one is my constant repurchase. It works so, so well and is my go to throughout the week for freshening things up and adding some life back to my hair. THIS one is a great affordable option. If you're a brunette like me, you can also get it in the "dark" spray version. I don't have any issues with any of these dry shampoos leaving residue or white streaks in my hair!

And that my friends, covers every single product I use! If there's something you want to know more about, shoot me a question and I'll be happy to answer. Let me know if you use any of these products and if you enjoy them.

I hope y'all have a great rest of your day!




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