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Okay, so listen...I've never owned a designer thing in my life. The nicest thing I've owned is $300 Kate Spade bag, and dang I am still proud of that thing and I should be! $300 is a lot of money and Kate Spade is one of the most unique brands on the market. But, here's the little heart desires for one luxury item. Some may say this makes me materialistic, others may say it's selfish. When it comes down to it, designer items don't make you better and they also don't make you worse. I was actually talking with a coworker the other day about our dream designer bags and we each had bullet point lists of why we wanted them. She talked about her dream Chloe Faye bag and I gushed about Gucci.

I thought it would be fun to gush about dream designer purchases with y'all! I can't buy them (yet, but maybe some day!) so why not browse and talk about it?! I appreciate luxury because of the art behind it. Designer bags, shoes, garments, whatever it may be is a true piece of art. People collect this! But, just so we aren't super sad that all we are doing is window shopping, I also included dupes for every single thing. So now, maybe I can buy a few more things and still be a happy camper!


Y'all this photo makes me so happy. I see so many beautiful things and I've got all the heart eyes. Let's start with this Self Portrait dress...I mean, the detail is just absolutely stunning. You already know I have a thing for denim, and frayed denim is even worse. So this pair of 3X1 jeans inspires me to be the coolest version of myself possible (probably not that possible.)

I've never tried Burberry makeup, but I've heard nothing but GREAT things. This lipgloss is stunning and is the perfect pink color for summer. I wear my black mules sooo much and I've been lusting after a white pair. The original Gucci slides are classic, but I also can't afford Gucci. Speaking of classics...these Valentino rock studs are the first thing I think of when I hear "Valentino." And the blush color is to.die.for.

Remember how I said I couldn't stop gushing about Gucci? Yeah, I wasn't lying. 4/9 items in this collage are Gucci. Woops! The Dionysus style is my all time favorite handbag, EVER. Something about it is so classic yet edgy. And I love the size of this one with the classic print, but who wouldn't love this fun mini velvet???

When I think sunglasses, the first designers I lust after are Prada, Celine, and Karen Walker. Swoon. These Prada stunners are just classic with a cat eye shape and tortoise detail. Last, but not least, my most #basic item in our roundup is the ever-popular Gucci logo belt. This could be my name badge so to speak that says, "Hi my name is Mara, and I'm obsessed with Gucci." In all seriousness, something about these simple belts make any look effortlessly chic. So, now that we've spent $6,057 (yep, I counted) let's check out some comparable items that won't break the bank!


Now, let's find some deals that will keep you looking stylish and on budget! Let's start with this adorable lace dress. This is perfect for spring and summer, and also great for my brides out there. It wouldn't be a style post on my blog without some form of denim, and I may just have to add this pair to my cart.

Y'all may know that THIS is my all-time-favorite drugstore liquid lip, but THIS is my favorite lipgloss. Pigmented, shiny, and smells sooo good. My favorite shade is "Angel Food Cake."

Hello, white Gucci dupes. You are perfect. And I already own you! They are also 20% off right now using Cartwheel in store or code SPRING online.

How fun are these studded heels?! The detail reminds me of the Valentinos, but these would dress up any outfit. Love, love, love. And this structured bag would be the perfect accessory to pair with them! I love the color and the chain detail. It definitely looks way more expensive!

I'm obsessed with these sunglasses. I think they would add the perfect amount of sass to any look.

This velvet, emerald green bag has my name written all over it. Probably gonna be adding this to my cart, too...How amazing would it be with an all-white ensemble???

Last, but not least, this is the hardest dupe to find! I like this simple belt because it encompasses the simple black and gold without being too much. Some things are just hard to replicate!

Our save finds will cost you a total $296.34! Today we saved $5,760.66!

Now, go buy yourself something pretty! I'd love to hear what your dream designer purchase is down in the comments!




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